Liquid Carbon Soil Conditioner

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Monty’s Liquid Carbon utilizes the same innovative technologies that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of other Monty’s products. The soil conditioning qualities of our proprietary humic substance are second to none.

Monty’s Liquid Carbon is organic, derived from 100% natural elements, and is completely safe and non-toxic for use in all lawn and garden applications. Monty’s Liquid Carbon is not a fertilizer or a fertilizer replacement; it is intended to be used as a soil conditioner in conjunction with your current fertilization program.


Monty’s Liquid Carbon is a highly effective means of conditioning your soil by:

  • Enhancing aeration
  • Reducing compaction - in clay or sandy soils
  • Increasing moisture retention
  • Assisting with breakdown of organic matter, such as a compost pile
  • Monty’s Liquid Carbon will also stimulate microbial activity in the soil.


When to use:
Liquid Carbon can be applied to the soil in the fall or early spring, or as necessary throughout the season.


Suggested application:
Dilute 4 ounces of Monty's Liquid Carbon per gallon of water. Apply directly to the soil.  One container makes 8 gallons of diluted soil conditioner.

For a hose-end applicator: pour contents directly into reservoir bottle of applicator and adjust dial rate on applicator to 2 teaspoons.  Saturate ground evenly. Unused product can be poured back into Monty's Liquid Carbon bottle.

For tank or hand sprayers and watering cans: dilute 3-4 ounces of Monty's Liquid Carbon per gallon of water.


Soil amending ingredients:
Organic Carbon  1%
Humic Acid 2%




Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.