General Application Guidelines

Monty’s Liquid Plant Food is specifically designed to spoon feed the nutrient needs of whatever plant you are growing.  Because of this, we recommend that you conduct a soil test to determine any nutritional deficiencies in the soil and amend accordingly.  (For more information and costs for soil tests contact your local Independent Garden Center or County Extension Office.)

While Monty’s is designed as a true foliar and works best when applied to the leaf surface, it can also be applied to the roots, through the soil, or through irrigation. You can use Monty’s as frequently as needed to produce your desired results with confidence that our chelated, low-salt, buffered nutrient package does not burn.  Monty’s fertility formulas are made with all food-grade ingredients so they are safe and will not harm you, children, or animals when used as directed.

Below are general application guidelines, however for detailed directions for your particular needs, please review our plant-specific application sheets on this website.

Do not apply Monty’s Liquid Fertilizer or Soil Conditioners to any plant using a container which has been used to apply herbicide as plant injury may occur.

Watering Can – Mix the correct Monty’s formula at 1/2 teaspoon per gallon and pour directly over the plant and around the base of the plant until the plant has been well watered.


Spray Mister – Add 1-2 drops of Monty’s per cup of water and spray the leaves until your plants look like they have had a good light rain or heavy dew.  This application is ideal for houseplants, window boxes, or in situations where you have just a few plants to tend to.


Pump or Tank Sprayer – Mix 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per gallon of water in your sprayer and apply to the leaf surface until it looks like your plants have received a good light rain or heavy dew. Repeat as needed.


Dial-type Hose-end Sprayer – Mix 1 part Monty’s to 3 parts water in the reservoir.  Set your dial to 2 teaspoons.  Spray the leaf surface and/or the root zone until lightly moistened. Repeat as needed.


Using Monty’s During Periods of Stress – Plants, all plants, go through periods of stress throughout any given year.  Stress triggers survival response in your plants and in its mildest forms will result in fewer blooms or smaller and less plentiful fruit.  In its greatest forms your plants will abort blooms, fruit, leaves and ultimately entire limbs and branches seeking to survive. By applying Monty’s at regular intervals and making extra applications during periods of known stress you can provide needed nutrients which can help your plants not only survive but thrive during stress events.  Additionally many forms of stress like disease and insects tend to be opportunistic so that plants that are already undergoing one form of stress soon have to deal with several others.  By using Monty’s you can help keep your plants operating at peak efficiency and better able to use their natural defenses against these attacks.